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Welcome Indie Game Developers!

The world is waiting for your game. LocaGames is a platform where you can promote, earn, and connect with fans worldwide!
Our publishing model offers zero upfront costs to developers with no hidden fees and a host of extra benefits.
We only ever take a commission fee per unit sold, so your game's success is also our success!
Sign up for free today and begin your global journey.

Two Ways To Publish

Hosted Game

$0.00 initial fee
15% commission fee per sale
  • LocaGames store page: Included
  • Listing on other platforms: Developers responsibility
  • Selling price: From $0.00~

Official Support Program

$0.00 initial fee
40% commission fee per sale
  • LocaGames store page: Included
  • Listing on other platforms: Published through LocaGames only
  • Selling price: Assessed by LocaGames starting from $10.00~
  • Language localization: Included
  • Free promotional materials: Included
  • Multilingual support: Included

Apply for the Official Support Program

Reach Your Fans

The world is waiting to play your game! We will localize your game with ZERO upfront costs, allowing your game to reach more players worldwide and gain new fans!

Earn More

Localization is expensive and time consuming. We take care of it for you so you can grow your audience worldwide and increase your sales! We support all game creators who want to make a living doing what they love.

Leave It To Us

We will take care of all the boring and time consuming listing procedures, copywriting in multiple languages, production of PR materials, and user support in multiple languages!
We also bear ALL the initial publishing costs involved. Developers can simply focus on doing what they love, developing fun games and communicating with fans.

Support Included



  • Key visual creation:
  • Priority display on LocaGames:
  • PR on social media:
  • Press release dstribution:
  • Marketing materials:

Publishing on other platforms etc.

  • We create your listing and bear the initial cost of publishing games on other platforms.
Multilingual Support

Multi-Lingual Support

  • Game localization to one or more languages:
  • Copywriting in multiple languages:
  • Multi-lingual inquiry support:

Program Flow

How to apply

Sign up and click the “Apply for Official support program” button when uploading your game.
If you have already uploaded a hosted game, you can find it on the edit page.


Your Task

Our Task

Submit your game to LocaGames

We will review your application, and contact you when completed. If the game passes our selection process we will offer you a publishing contract.

You extract the games text to be localized and send it to us.

We translate the text and send it back to you.

You integrate the new language file into your game, and upload the final game files.

You send us five to ten materials, such as gameplay screenshots, videos, and character designs for PR and marketing material creation.

We create key visuals and videos/trailers based on your submitted materials.

We create and set-up listings on other platforms you wish to publish on.

Game is released and sales promotions begin.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please also check our FAQ.