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About LocaGames

We are a global game marketplace and publisher for worldwide indie games!

Our mission is to help bring gamers and developers from every nation closer together by offering localization services, so no matter where you're from you can enjoy amazing unique experiences. Explore our games and find your favorite!

About Our Company

LocaGames is operated by Adventures Inc. Visit us at more information.

Getting Started

If you want to dive in and play games, sign up for an account here.

If you just want to look around browse games here.

If you are a game developer and are interested in selling games on LocaGames, see here.

If you're interested in our localization service, learn about our Official Support Program here.

Buying Games

To purchase games please sign up for a free LocaGames account. Before you buy, check the supported platforms and language options of the game to make sure it suits your needs. 

Click the purchase button to go directly to the payment screen. Payments will be processed through PayPal. 

Once your purchase is complete, you can download your games from the My Games section on your profile page, or the link in the sidebar.

General Information


  • The displayed price includes 10% sales tax.
  • You only need one account to both purchase and publish games


Sometimes when a developer has not included Publisher certificate information in their game, Windows Defender and macOS security will give a warning and not allow you to run the file. 
This is common with indie games and doesn't mean the file is necessarily malicious. 

LocaGames validates files, and verifies the authenticity of creators uploading to our platform, however, when downloading executable files from the internet, you should always practice due diligence and manually scan them for malware before opening them, regardless of where you download them from.  

You can bypass these security messages to open games using these methods:  

  • Windows: If you see an option that says "Run anyway" simply click this. If there is a "More Info" button click this and you will be given the option to run the game.  
  • Mac: Hold down the control key when opening the file, you will be given the option to run the game in the security prompt.

Uploading Games

How to upload a game to the store:

Please note:

  • "Release date" is the displayed release date on the store page. It will not schedule your game going live.

Adding additional Languages:

  • You can add additional languages after you have previously uploaded your game by going to your profile page and clicking on the developer dashboard. 
  • Click the 'pencil' icon next to the game you wish to edit, scroll down, and click the '+Add Languages' button until the target language appears.
  • If the game uses an engine that supports multiple languages natively, and you have added the new language to your main file, tick "Main file includes this language pack".
  • If the game uses an engine that doesn't support multiple languages, and you have separate game files for each language, you can upload the game file with the new language by clicking the upload button next to the supported operating system.

Updating your game to a new version:

  • You can update your game by going to your profile and clicking on the developer dashboard.
  • Click the 'eye' icon next to the game you wish to update to go to the 'View Game Details' page.
  • At the top of the page click the 'Game Versions' button.
  • To update the game to the latest version, simply click the 'Add Version' button.
  • Check your game's details are correct and upload the new game files. If you have added a new language as part of the update, tick the 'main file includes this language pack' checkbox, or upload new files to the corresponding languages.

Receiving Payouts:

  • We payout your earnings via PayPal minus any fees and commission.

BETA Game Upload Guidelines

If your game is in Beta and under development, you are welcome to upload your game to the store provided you follow these guidelines:

  1.  It must be clearly marked as "BETA" in the game title when you upload (e.g. My Game - BETA).
    Also, include a statement such as "This game is currently in BETA and still under development." prominently in the game's description.

  2. It must be a "complete" experience.
    Meaning, the game needs to have a beginning and an end or endgame state of some kind.
    For a visual novel, this could be in the form of "episodes" or "chapters" for example; or have at least one "good ending" or "bad ending".

  3.  It must be in a playable state.
    Some small bugs are acceptable, but players should be able to enjoy the game without constant errors/crashes/etc.
    Ideally include a contact method for how users can report bugs to you in the game description.

  4. BETA games must be free-to-play.
    We do not allow developers to charge customers for unfinished projects.
    If you wish to eventually charge money for the final product, we recommend that you create a new listing for the finished game, and set the BETA version as "Private" in the edit screen.
    It is then your choice to either:     
       A) Leave the BETA game as private, which will allow users who previously downloaded the BETA game to see it in their game library and download it any time for free.
       B) Contact us and request the game be deleted, which will remove it from all users' game libraries permanently and require them to purchase the finished game to regain access. 

Please take into consideration: LocaGames as a platform does not use DRM, users can download and store any game file that is available in their LocaGames game library locally on their machine until they decide to delete it. Developers are free to implement their own DRM solutions into their games, and this should be made clear in the game description.


Please also check our FAQ.